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Ethereum derivatives data highlights the lack of short-term strength as ETH price lags Bitcoin’s recovery to the $40,000 range.

While speaking at the Virtual Fintech Forum in Hong Kong on May 27, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin commented on obstacles related to the Ethereum 2.0 rollout. Buterin said that there had


“Adoption has never been affected and never been stopped. The right product always gets adopted irrespective of market conditions,” said Pushkar Vohra, CEO of Pandora Protocol.

Vohra believes the gap between these two domains represents one of the biggest adoption challenges for decentralized technologies. “We are uniquely positioned to solve


A 2001 law on monetary integration in the country states that salaries and fees may only be paid in colónes or dollars.

Rolando Castro, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare in El Salvador has said that the government is discussing whether companies in the country should pay their employees


The dYdX platform allows users to trade perpetual contracts with exposure to various crypto markets. It claims to have built the fastest decentralized exchange through layer-two solutions.

Venture firms from across the blockchain industry have thrown their weight behind decentralized exchange developer dYdX, offering further evidence that investors are eyeing

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Is this the 21st-century crypto-themed update to “bread and circuses”?

The United Kingdom arm of pilsner beer brand Stella Artois is partnering with a digital horse racing game to release a series of nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

In a Tuesday announcement from Stella Artois’ U.K. brewery, the beer brand said users


Describing NFTs as the “most appropriate means of ownership that exists,” a 65-year-old computer scientist will release a tokenized version of the world wide web code next week.

British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who developed the original source code for the World Wide Web, is making the data part


GoldConnect will be able to process crypto transactions made in Bitcoin, Ether and other digital assets through its new LatamConnect platform.

GoldConnect, a Latin American telecommunications wholesaler, announced Tuesday that it will allow customers to pay with cryptocurrencies through payment processor BitPay, marking another important milestone in the region’s embrace

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Experts Take On Cryptocurrencies That Could Upstage Bitcoin

It may seem way too early to predict which cryptocurrency will upstage Bitcoin. However, change is constant, and upstaging Bitcoin could also be the beginning of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies. Here are industry experts’ thoughts on the issue.

Edmund McCormack, Founder, and CEO of